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About University, its origin, purposes, evolution and positioning…

A university is the place of higher learning.

Every university conducts learning through its self-determined mission, approaches or traditions, regardless of how large or small, how old or new, and how diversified or concentrated, an institution might be.

As often seen, a research university is more focused on research than teaching in order to maintain its international prestige and multi-financial resources.

A local university normally emphasizes teaching instead of research in order to serve and gain support from local communities.

Most universities provide undergraduate, graduate and/or professional education. Some universities concentrate only on a singular level or a few areas of higher learning.

Whatever differences universities might have, however, the exploration, dissemination and utilization of knowledge through teaching, learning and research, are always the heart of modern higher education.

University of Bologna is the world’s first university, formally started in 1088.

University of Oxford is the first university in English-speaking world, traced back in 1096, although no exact dates were identified.

Harvard University is the first university in America is, dated in 1636, the date that the decision was made to establish a school of teaching by the governance body.

The Rockefeller University, initially the Rockefeller Medical Research Institute is America’s first medical research institution – specialized graduate university.

Orlando University (OU), formally started in 2008, is believed the first voluntarian university that creates a higher learning platform opened to all voluntarians who contribute their expertise, time and valuable resources of any kind to advance human learning with academic studies and credentialing.

OU’s vision is a new higher learning that serves all beyond oneself for all people around the world. Its mission, started one decade ago, is to contribute to the global society in advancing human wellness, wealth, wisdom and worth (4Ws) for all at an international level of distinction.

OU’s strategy in pursuing its vision of “serving all beyond oneself” and of mission “advancing the 4Ws for all” is to reach, mobilize and lead the leaders of practice in all fields and professions. These leaders range from retired to active and all ages. We estimate that there are over 50 million people worldwide; two million in the United States alone (2-3% of the total professional population).

OU’s programs are designed to prepare, empower and advance these practitioner leaders through creating a practice-oriented higher learning environment or platform that provides the participants to apply useful knowledge in solving their own-practice real problems and publishing their works with academic/professional credentials (e.g., doctorate, professorship or awards).

Key to the above is one of OU’s education programs, the OUR (Orlando University Roundtable) International Conferences held annually in Orlando, Florida. This program advances Healthy People 2020/2030, the nation’s 10-year plan of health promotion and disease prevention, provides a global platform for practicing leaders to make contributions through integrating their practice, research and educational efforts to help the people and community they serve.

OU has been continuously developing a new higher learning system since 2008, with less than 10 percent of conventional costs and more than 50 percent learning effectiveness-efficiency. This distinctive education system helps leaders to contribute their time, expertise, experience and other resources to advance their roles in the areas of health, education, economy, equality and opportunity.

You may be interested in opportunities, including membership on executive committees, professorships, department chairs, graduate, postdoctoral and diploma studies, tuition-waived doctoral scholarships, awards, funding, or providing other support. They are all available on various educational, research and practice-oriented scholarship programs. If so, please contact us at volunteering@orlandoedu.us or deanoffice@orlandoedu.us for further information.

For those who are interested in OU’s graduate studies (DSc, DBA or MS degrees) and certificate programs, please contact us admission@orlandoedu.us for a updated University Catalog.

Thank you for your interest and support.