OU Roundtable

As a higher educational institution, OU is a voluntarian university by nature, and it is probably the first of its kind in over 900 hundred years of university history (University of Bologna in 1088 – the world’s first, and University of Oxford in 1167 – the first in the English-speaking world). OU faculty are professional volunteers who are mostly senior retirees, with some young or mid-age academia and professionals. They are exceptional because they themselves are exemplars of fulfilling one’s life, balanced in human wellness, wealth, wisdom and worth (4Ws) larger than themselves. Their inspiration, effort, dedication and leadership are fully manifested consistent with the OU motto of – Liberty, Learning, Leading, and Life for all.

Furthermore, human and health leadership higher education at OU is designed for everyone involved: student, faculty, staff, alumni and sponsors. Human learning is lifelong, especially in health and management leadership. The University, as a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 entity, has established the Orlando University Roundtable (OUR) as a formal platform for global higher learning, including non-degree education. As presented above in Figure 4, the OUR has four specific aims to assist OU in achieving its mission: 1) to help students advance in their studies; 2) to assist health and management practitioners in professional development; 3) to help executives in improving their leadership capacity and skills; and 4) to assist the public in understanding and improving wellness, wealth, wisdom and worth throughout the world. Through this OUR, OU wants to bring all the people, faculty, students and supporters, to work together to make a significant difference in advancing human wellness, human wealth, human wisdom and human worth for all, especially the most-needed, and ultimately benefiting humanity now and many years to come.

OUR holds a dual-conference platform for promoting, implementing and advancing Healthy People program, currently Healthy People 2020/2030, https://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topics-objectives,  the US national plan in health promotion-disease prevention, first started in 1979 as Healthy People 1990 and currently in the preparation of Healthy People 2030. OUR dual-conference platform is held semiannually in April/May and in October/November, in Orlando, FL, USA.

The purpose of OUR Conferences is to help advance human wellness, wealth, wisdom and worth through improving practice-oriented, higher learning around the world. Attendees are mainly practitioners, executives, scholars, teachers and graduate students from all walks of professional lives.

All 42 topic areas of Healthy People 2020 from the list below are the topics are covered by the OUR Health and Education Conferences held in the fall and spring seasons. The specific topics of an individual conference will be selected and organized by OUR Executive Committee, according to the status, emerging issues or changing environments of health promotion and disease prevention facing to the nation and around the world, as well as the interests, activities and demanding of the participants from all areas or fields of a particular OUR Conference.

Each topic area includes an overview, objectives and data, and evidence-based resources. Please see or study the details of each topic in the US Federal government websites as linked below

Each OUR Conference, Spring and Fall, is a trinity-type meeting composed of three independent but interrelated meetings. Normally, the first meeting starts on Friday of the first week; the last meeting ends on Friday of next week. A participant can attend a single, two or all three of the meetings, according to one’s special interests or needs.

Planned starting dates are the last week of April for OUR Spring Conference and the last week of October for OUR Fall Conference. Specific dates and Orlando location of these two conferences (or six meetings) will be determined 2-3 months in advance of each conference.

OUR Conference intention is to provide a highly reputable world meeting place for practice-oriented leadership learning, professional networking, scholarly exchange and professional publishing. Its purpose is to bring national and international leaders and practice-oriented scholars from all walks of life, including universities, government, non-profit organizations, business and others around the world.

Orlando is one of the world’s most-known convention, hospitality and tourist cities in the USA. There are many world leading health, medical, high tech, and educational entities in Orlando and Florida. In addition, Spring and Fall are the best seasons to visit and travel in this part of the world. There are many indoor and outdoor locations and activities for informal learning, visiting and networking, in addition to after hour social gatherings.