Thank you for considering Orlando University (OU), a newly established, highly focused, and advanced graduate school in the United States of America.

The phrases that appear on the front page of the University Graduate Catalog represent the general purpose for which this new non-traditional university was created. “Vivere est cogitare” stands for “to think is to live.” And “Gradibus ascendimus” means “to ascend by degrees.” Students and faculty who join this institution enter with the knowledge that learning is life-long and, by persistently advancing themselves, they will be better prepared for their own life’s challenges and in serving the people to whom they will extend counsel and support.

Orlando University intends to distinguish itself with its unique roadmap of higher learning, under the guidance, inspiration and imagination of some of the greatest thoughts, spirits and undertakings in the history of mankind. The mottos of ten towering individuals, presented on the front images of the University Website, are deeply rooted into the foundation of this new institution. Their wisdom has encouraged, fostered or advised many of us in generations, and will endure as long as man exists, in our continuous efforts to advance learning for the benefit of the global community and humanity as a whole.

The fundamental framework of the OU Roadmap is “LEARN HOW,” as delineated on the OU Homepage. That is to learn how to learn, to learn how to think, to learn how to act, and to learn how to lead. The center of learning on the Roadmap is the learner. Students are professionals or leaders, not merely “apprentices.” Faculty members are mentors or advisers, not just “instructors.” And the University furnishes the environment, not solely “classroom,” in which all the learners can learn and know better what to learn, how and why.

Furthermore, the self-motivated learners will likely learn and know best, guided with such Roadmap, not only how to learn, think and act critically, creatively and practically, but how to lead wisely and relentlessly in the fields or lives they choose to explore and advance. The advancement of whole (or global) learning in human wellness, wealth and wisdom (3W) through innovation, ingenuity and leadership towards a better life for all is the ultimate priority of Orlando University. Currently, the University is focusing its “Learner-Centered Roadmap of Learn-How” on its distinctive practice-oriented doctoral education, and delivering it globally through its integrative approach of teaching, practice and research.

The decision to earn an advanced degree(s) is significant and challenging. With all options available, selecting a particular program(s) can be equally challenging. Regardless of your choices, you will meaningfully advance yourselves, take your responsibilities to a higher level, enrich lives of your own and others, and drive towards your dream destination of lifelong learning – “Gradibus ascendimus” and “Vivere est cogitare.”


Jim Jian Zhao, MD, PhD, MBA, FCAP