Orlando University is a place of higher learning. Every university conducts such learning through its self-determined mission, approaches or traditions, regardless of how large or small, how old or new, and how diversified or concentrated, an institution might be. As often seen, a research university is more focused on research than teaching in order to retain its international prestige and multi-financial resources. A local university emphasizes teaching instead of research in order to serve and gain support from local communities. Most universities provide undergraduate, graduate and/or professional education. Some universities concentrate only on a singular level or a few areas of higher learning. Whatever differences universities might have, however, the exploration, dissemination and utilization of knowledge through teaching, learning or research, are always the heart of modern higher education.

The University is a small, newly established, graduate-only institution. It was formally incorporated in 2008 as a non-profit institution and started its first master’s and doctorate classes in 2009. It currently specializes in a few disciplinary areas with an emphasis on practice-oriented doctoral education. It delivers its education mainly through distance learning with the intent to reach students globally. Unlike top research universities or local universities, the University aims to advance higher learning through integrating research, education and practice, rather than emphasizing either teaching or research.

The graduate studies at Orlando University are provided mainly through its innovative integrated teaching, practice and research models. With these specific efforts, the University hopes to attract the best faculty minds and outstanding students who share common interests and a motivation to work together to undertake these intellectual and humanistic adventures, as well as to experience the challenge, enjoyment and excitement of the learning process as they advance themselves in the fields of their choosing.

Orlando University is a non-traditional educational institution, when compared with traditional campus-based universities. The course work is primarily delivered through online distance learning. Faculty largely supervises the research work with the assistance of virtual communication and residency. This blended study approach aims to meet and exceed the needs of adults in their professional and intellectual development, as well as in their lifetime quest of learning enrichment. Students, in courses delivered online, must have the same or greater dedicated effort as those students in classroom-based courses. They are expected to assume a greater level of responsibility, however, for their learning. Online activities include direct interaction with faculty and other students (e.g., online discussions, group projects, and case studies), as well as activities in which students work independently, subsequently interacting with faculty (e.g., tests and research assignments). On-line classhours are normally Monday through Friday weekly. Faculty office hours/availability includes a response time within 24 hours during weekdays.


Orlando University is located at 11325 Lake Underhill Road, Orlando, Florida 32825. The University has an Administration Office and a Learning Center in Suite 102 of a Twin-Building Complex. The Learning Center is equipped with multiple computers and on-line access to electronic library resources and other research materials. Faculty and students may use the facilities to conduct learning or teaching activities, such as individual studies, group meetings, classroom lecturing, and academic conferences. The facilities may be used on a regular basis and during the annual residency periods, which are described below. The Administration Office also serves as a point of contact for potential local students to obtain information about the University and its educational programs and activities.