OU Roundtable

OU Roundtable

As a public charity of advanced-learning institution, Orlando University has been in the process of planning and launching a public charity program, called Orlando University Roundtable (OUR), to help advance global learning at higher education setting in summer-fall, 2013.

The Orlando University Roundtable or OUR is a global educational network with one simple and clear mission: to improve human wellness (or health), well-being (or wealth), and wisdom (or intelligence) through improving higher learning of the people, for the people, and by the people, of all citizens around the world.

No human can live well, or even survive, without being in good health. No human can succeed, or even develop, without adequate wealth or resources. No human can sustain and enjoy life or its meanings fully without wisdom or a balanced mind, even if sufficiently possessing both health and wealth. Further, these truths apply to any human society, at any level of human life, and at any stages of human societies or real lives.

OUR has been thinking of, acting on, leading at, and learning for, HOW to best help these three vital necessities of humanity, individually AND collectively, by means of advancing global higher education.

As one of the key directions of Orlando University – a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 entity, OUR has set FOUR specific aims for achieving its mission. They are to: 1) help graduate/postgraduate students, especially practice-oriented doctoral students in the health and management areas, to advance in their studies; 2) help in the professional development of health and management practitioners; 3) help senior executives of health and other organizations to improve their leadership talents and skills; and 4) help educate the general public in improving their health, wealth, and wisdom.

OUR provides FIVE learning means for this network. They are: 1) course tutoring/teaching; 2) integrative forum; 3) interview/dialog; 4) conferences (web/in person); and 5) publications, such as through Orlando University Press. Any person from anywhere in the world can contribute his/her ideas, thoughts, expertise, and experiences in one or more of these “WWW” or “3W” areas, based on his/her own interest, expertise, or schedule, by choosing one or more of a range of opportunities or commitments to help achieve the above specific aims.

Currently, the most important priority of OUR is to help practitioners and leaders of non-profit organization, business, and governments, as well as general public, to learn and advance how to make prevention really work in the real-world situations for ALL of us. OUR specifically aims to help learn how to think, act, lead and learn wisely in managing and implementing the WWW-related problems, at both healthcare and non-healthcare settings, of and for the real people with preventative ways successfully.